Romantic things to do in NYC

Top 10 Romantic Things to do in NYC

New York is a popular destination to celebrate romantic occasions. From anniversaries to honeymoons, proposals, and actual weddings. Of course, the city happily welcomes lovebirds from around the globe and offers many romantic activities for every couple.

Planning a romantic trip can be difficult for many couples though. The choice of activities is endless! Where do you start searching? Is it really worth doing this or that activity? Don’t worry, we are here to help! Our top 10 list of romantic things to do in New York will help you find the best couple activities, because this list is officially couples-approved!


Horse Carriage Ride NYC

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Horse Carriage Ride in Central Park

Central Park itself is pretty nice already and offers enough place for a lovely picnic on the green with a spectacular view. BUT! Why not taking your Central Park visit to the next level – a more romantic level? We suggest you take a Horse Carriage ride in Central Park. Pick a carriage with your favorite color and let the friendly horses gallop you along the best sights of the park. One carriage can fit up to 4 adults and a 30 minute ride starts at approximately $70 per carriage (depending on provider).


Dinner Cruise NYC

Dinner Cruise

The way through a (wo)man’s heart goes through his/her stomach. True, cause #carbsarelife. A dinner on a cruise ship will give your trip the glamorous extra it deserves. While the boat slowly floats along New York City’s best landmarks, such as the Statue of Liberty, you can enjoy a three-course plated dinner with your partner and listen to live jazz music. Don’t forget to capture this activity by taking a photo of you guys with the famous skyline in the background! Dinner cruises start at $192 per person.


Bateaux Dinner Cruise | VOLATOUR


Helicopter Tour NYC

Helicopter Tour over New York City

Taking a Helicopter Tour over New York is truly an unforgettable activity and suitable for everyone – not just adventurous couples! While the chopper soars over Manhattan, you’ll get the chance to see the city from a totally new and unusual perspective. No matter if you’re taking a tour during the day or night – amazing shots are always guaranteed. And while your hearts literally beat higher, MAYBE that’s the right moment to propose?! That would probably be the most romantic thing to do while in NYC. Helicopter rides can be booked for a minimum of 15 minutes and one trip starts at $224 per person.


Helicopter Rides NYC | VOLATOUR


Breakfast at Tiffanys NYC

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Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Since 2017, a real Breakfast at Tiffany’s is not just a dream anymore. On the 4th floor of the Tiffany’s NYC flagship store on 5th avenue – yes, the one where the actual movie was shot – the jeweler made space for a cute little cafe, called The Blue Box Cafe. The cafe offers a delicious breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea menu, starting at only $29 per person. This is one of the best romantic things to do in NYC and because of that, the tables are booked for weeks in advance. Therefore, make sure you’ll make a reservation as soon as a table becomes available.


Diamond District NYC

Diamond District Shopping Tour

There’s a Diamond District in New York?! Yes, there is and it’s just minutes away from hotspots like Times Square or the Rockefeller Center (map). Over 2,000 dealers are offering the finest jewelry, with or without diamonds. How about you surprise your partner with an unexpected visit and let her or him take a different kind of souvenir home?! From necklaces, to earrings and (engagement) rings – you’ll find anything. This is especially a perfect way to show your admiration to your wife or girlfriend, because you know it… Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!


Botanical Garden NYC

Botanical Garden

There are three major Botanical Gardens in New York: The New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and the Queens Botanical Garden. All of them are stunning and guarantee a romantic adventure, whether you’re going during the day or in the evening hours. If this is what you were looking for, then we recommend you check out the event calendars of each Botanical Garden. There are always different exhibitions and shows that are worth seeing and maybe there is this one event that offers exactly what both of you love.


Lion King Broadway

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Broadway Show

Catching a Broadway Show should be on everyone’s NYC bucket list. It’s no secret that tickets to the most popular musicals are not necessarily cheap. Therefore, seeing a Broadway show is always a very special romantic thing you can do in New York and you should definitely share that experience with your loved one. No matter what you are both into – drama, comedy or something totally different. You’ll find the right show for both of you. How about The Lion King, Chicago or The Phantom of the Opera? Sounds good? Then go get your tickets asap before your favorite show is sold out on the day you prefer!


Broadway Tickets | VOLATOUR


Getting Married in NYC

Getting Married in New York

Both of you have decided to Seal the Deal in New York? Best decision ever! Here’s a tip for every couple who wants to get married in New York on a budget: There are affordable packages available, that come with a personal assistant who’ll not only help you gather all documents (which is especially helpful if you are visiting from another country), but also makes sure to capture your special day with a photo shoot. Assisted weddings usually start at $850 per package. You can book your wedding for example online at VOLATOUR! We have a very experienced team who’s helped many happy couples to tie the knot.


Empire State Building

Empire State Building

Another classic on our list. But did you know that the Empire State Building holds a secret, only couples can experience? How? Well, kiss each other while you’re on the observation deck and you’ll see! OK, we’ll tell you – Static electricity at the top of the building sometimes causes visible sparks. When it happens, it’s truly magical. But also the view is spectacular. And what’s more romantic than a photo of you two with Manhattan in the background?! Tickets start at $42 per person and you can visit the observatory any day from 8 AM until 2 AM.


Empire State Building Tickets | VOLATOUR


Janes Carousel Brooklyn

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Jane’s Carousel

Jane’s Carousel is one of the top romantic things to do in New York. The carousel was built in 1922 and is a real antique gem you can find in DUMBO, Brooklyn (map). It’s vintage look and detailed horses provide a wonderful scenery for any romantic occasion. The best: One ride is only $2 per person! But that’s not all. Since the carousel is located right next to the East River, you’ll also have an amazing view on the Brooklyn Bridge and of the Manhattan skyline.

With this list of romantic things to do in NYC you are all set for an unforgettable trip with your partner. We hope you like our list. Comment below what activity(ies) you’re planning on doing! We are looking forward to hearing from you! And always remember:

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