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Ice skating NYC

Ice Skating in NYC: Top 5 Ice Skating Rinks

As soon as the holiday season starts, the ice skating season is just around the corner! With temperatures as low as 5 degrees Fahrenheit, ice skating in NYC keeps you warm. Apart from the health…

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Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting 2017

15 Facts About the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree (2019 Update)

The 87th Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony is less than two weeks away and preparations are in full swing! Every New Yorker is looking forward to seeing the Christmas tree masterpiece in all its…

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91st Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Poster

20 Amazing Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Thanksgiving is only a week away and New Yorkโ€™s already looking forward to the 93rd annual Macyโ€™s Thanksgiving Day Parade on November 28, 2019. While this spectacular is a true family event because of its…

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Tipping in USA

Tipping in the USA

Tipping in the USA can be confusing. How much should I tip at a restaurant? Do they expect me to tip at a buffet? What if I was not satisfied with the service – Do…

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How to Make International Calls from the US

How to Make International Calls from the US

If you want to connect with your loved ones while staying in the US, you might be asking yourselfย how you can make international calls. No matter if itโ€™s to Europe, South America or Asia. Itโ€™s…

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New York Souvenir | VOLATOUR

40 New York Gifts for 10 Types of Friends

Everyone wants to surprise their loved ones with a nice souvenir from New York. Gift shops offer a variety of different items. Therefore, itโ€™s not always easy to find the right present for the right…

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New York on a Budget - 5 Easy Money-Saving Tips

New York on a Budget – 5 Easy Money-Saving Tips

It’s no secret that New York is one of the world’s most expensive cities. Many tourists therefore doubt they’ll have a good time without a massive budget. Are you worried about the same? If so,…

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Is there a New York Subway Pass for Tourists?

Is there a New York Subway Pass for Tourists? (2019 Fares)

If you are planning on staying in New York just for a few days, you might be asking yourself, what subway pass is the best option for you. One question we get at VOLATOUR frequently…

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