New York on a Budget - 5 Easy Money-Saving Tips

New York on a Budget – 5 Easy Money-Saving Tips

It’s no secret that New York is one of the world’s most expensive cities. Many tourists therefore doubt they’ll have a good time without a massive budget. Are you worried about the same? If so, we are here to tell you that you can definitely have fun in New York on a budget! How? Here are 5 easy money-saving tips – From personal care items to restaurants and attractions.


NYC on a Budget - Drugstore Items


We won’t lie… drugstore items are pretty expensive throughout New York. Forgot your deodorant? If you decide to buy one conveniently at a drugstore around the corner, get ready to spend about $6 (around 5€) for your favorite spray and $4 (around 3.50€) for a stick.

Not many tourists know that you can save money on personal care items by avoiding the big drugstore chains. There are actually many budget shops hidden in Midtown where you can find the same items and save at least 30% off the usual price.

Here are four budget drugstores in Manhattan, you should definitely remember if you’re visiting New York on a budget:

Dollar Tree (East Harlem store: 1955 1st Avenue, New York, NY 10029)

Target (Tribeca store: 255 Greenwich Street, New York, NY 10007)

Jack’s (Midtown store: 16 East 40th Street, New York, NY 10016)

Local Beauty Shops on 125th and Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard in Harlem


NYC on a Budget - Restaurants


No other city offers a greater cuisine variety than New York City. Therefore, dining is a must! But is it possible to dine in New York on a budget? Certainly! And the best part: You can still go to popular restaurants, without spending a fortune. Tip number one: Many restaurants are taking part in the biannual NYC Restaurant Week. During this time (usually in January/February and July/August), you’ll get a 2-course lunch for $26 and 3-course dinner for only $42. In case you are not visiting New York during these seasons, there are also many restaurants with great meal deals during specific times of the day. Furthermore, you’ll find (especially during lunchtime) a variety of food trucks all over Manhattan, offering meals at affordable prices.


NYC on a Budget - Transportation


The public transportation system in New York City is so good, you really don’t need a taxi – ever! There is always a connection to each part of the city at any time. Many popular attractions in Manhattan are even so close together, you can walk most distances easily without even using public transportation.

Tip: To use public transportation in NYC, you’ll need to buy yourself a MetroCard first. Check our blog post on Subway Passes for Tourists here.



Attention: Tourist Bargain! Even if you are in New York on a budget, you are able to visit the best and most popular attractions NYC has to offer. How? With the New York CityPASS!



This pass allows you to visit 6 out of 9 top attractions, including the Empire State Building or a cruise to the Statue of Liberty, while saving up to 44% on admissions.

What’s more is that this pass also allows you to skip all the lines! You can get your CityPASS here: VOLATOUR New York CityPASS


NYC on a Budget - Drinks


In case you are visiting New York for the first time, you’ll be surprised by how popular Happy Hour is! Almost every bar offers great discounts on various alcoholic drinks – yes, even fancy rooftop bars. Usually Happy Hour starts daily at 5 PM and finishes around 7 PM, although some bars do not offer Happy Hour during the weekend.

If you are still busy sightseeing and can’t make it to Happy Hour, you should check out dive bars instead. Dive bars usually offer all regular drinks at an affordable price and are similar to a small and comfy neighborhood bar or pub – And there are some pretty good ones in NYC. For example: Jimmy’s Corner on 44th Street, which is also very close to Times Square!


If you consider these tips, you are able to enjoy New York on a budget without sacrificing anything!

Let us know in the comments if you want to learn on how you can save money on a specific activity we haven’t mentioned in this article! We are happy to help!


Happy Saving!

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